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Care Level:Easy
Reef Safe:Yes -With Caution
Minimum Tank Size:100 gallons
Max Size:11 inches



The Virgate Rabbitfish is commonly referred to as the Barhead Spinefoot, Barred Spinefoot, Double Barred Spinefoot, Double-barred Spinefoot, Doublebarred Spinefoot, Double-bar Rabbitfish, and Two Barred Rabbitfish. With its beautiful and vivid hue, the Virgate Rabbitfish makes a stunning addition to any tank. Although it is a peaceful fish, it features stout and venomous spines. It should not be housed with other species of rabbitfish. Small juvenile Virgate Rabbitfish can be kept in groups if the aquarium is big enough, while larger juveniles and adults should be kept alone or in pairs. The Virgate Rabbitfish can be combined with most types of fish, because of the venomous spines even aggressive species will fear and leave the peaceful rabbitfish alone. The aquarium should contain many live rocks that encourage the growth of natural algae and allows the fish to carry out its natural grazing behavior. Be extra careful while handling the Virgate Rabbitfish, because the venomous spines can inflict a painful sting.

Virgate Rabbitfish

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