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Amphiprion frenatus

Also known as: Tomato Clownfish

Category: Anemonefishes

Size: Up to 2.5 in. (6 cm)  

Depth: 6-40 ft. (2-12 m)

Distribution: West Pacific


Also known as Anemonefish, Anemone Clownfish, Blackback Anemonefish, Bridled Anemonefish, Clownfish, Fire Clown, Onebar Anemonefish, Red Anemonefish, Red Clown, Red Clownfish, Red Tomato Clown.


Anemonefish are specialised damselfish and live a symbiotic relationship with various anemones. Some anemonefish will only be found with one type of anemone, but others can live with many types.
They are rarely found very far away from an anemone

Tomato clownfish

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