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  • Scientific Name         :  Thor amboinensis 
  • Reef Compatible       : Yes 
  • Care Level                 : Beginner 
  • Disposition                :Peaceful 
  • Minimum Tank Size   :10 gallons 
  • Mature Size               :1.5 inches 
  • Placement in tank      : Any 
  • Diet                           :Carnivore 
  • Range                       :Indo-Pacific 


Other Common Names
Anemone Shrimp
The Sexy Shrimp is named for the provocative waving motion that this particular shrimp makes with it’s abdomen. Though these Shrimp are very small, they make an excellent and interesting addition for nano aquariums and will fare well in large aquariums as well. Sexy Shrimp get along with most reef safe inhabitants providing they will not eat them. Because of the size of the Sexy Shrimp, they are an easy snack for most fish that would otherwise not harass tankmates. Will host on LPS and anemones.
Will consume any foods that it's tankmates will eat. Prefers marine flesh including clam, scallop, raw table shrimp, mysis shrimp, mussel, silversides and will even eat nori.
When you release them into the aquarium, we strongly recommend that you place the net very close to a coral or anemone so it can quickly get to safety.

Sexy Anemone Shrimp

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