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Reef Factory TDS Meter



The Reef Factory TDS Meter Plus monitors the TDS level of your RO water when using it for your Aquarium, shown on the in-built colour display. Through the Smart Reef System software, the TDS Meter Plus will notify you when your DI Resin needs changing in accordance to the level of TDS you specify.


The Smart Reef System is a form of app-operated software that safeguards your Aquarium by monitoring and controlling the devices that you have connected to it. It then alerts you to any issues that arise via text, email or push notifications.

The three main benefits of the Smart Reef System:

  • Automation: Makes your life easier by allowing the automation of various equipment used within a Marine Aquarium.
  • Information: Informs you on different aspects of your Aquarium’s operation, including the day-to-day parameter readings and notifies you of any changes that may occur.
  • Safety: Safeguards your Aquarium against potential issues or risks against the welfare of the Aquarium inhabitants by alerting you via various forms of text, email and push notifications.

Reef Factory TDS Meter

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