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Red Sea Trace-Colors Pro Multi Test Kit

Element, I2, K and Fe
Test Type, Comparator and Titration
No of Test, 50

All Pro Test Kits come in a durable plastic housing and use optically clear, analytical lab grade glass test vials.

The Red Sea Colours Pro Test Kit tests for Iodine, Potassium and Iron as part of the Coral Coloration stage of the Red Sea's Reef Care Program. The Reef Colours Pro test kit is extremely accurate and allows precise dosing with the Red Sea Coral Colours A, B and C supplements.

Iodine accurate to, 0.01 ppm
Potassium accurate to, 3 ppm
Iron accurate to, 0.05 ppm

In order to get the vibrant and natural colours out of your corals you need to have the three main elements at the correct level these are Iodine, Potassium and Iron which can easily be done when using the Red Sea Colours Pro Test Kit. Using this test kit then allows you to dose with the Red Sea Colours A,B and C Supplements, Supplement A promotes pink colours, B red colours and C green colours. Red Sea also have Coral Colours D which contains 18 trace elements to promote purples and blues.

For Best Results use in conjunction with Red Seas N03 P04 X.

Red Sea Trace-Colors Pro Multi Test Kit

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