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Scientific NameSphaeramia nematoptera 
 Reef CompatibleYes 
 Care LevelBeginner 
 Min. Tank Size24 gallons 
 Mature Size3.5 inches 
 RangeIndo-Pacific, Fiji 



Other Common Names
Spotted Cardinalfish, Polka-dot Cardinalfish
The Pajama Cardinalfish is a very oddly colored fish. It is perhaps the spots that give it the appearance that it might be hanging about in it’s ‘jammies’. Like the other Cardinalfish, it is a very hardy fish. It’s hardiness makes this an easy fish for the beginning aquarist to maintain. Cardinals are nocturnal by nature and will spend most of their time in the shadier areas of the aquarium and will come out after dark. They will learn to adjust to the brighter lit aquarium in time. Unlike many other Cardinals, this particular fish prefers to be in groups and schools. It will live peacefully with other non-aggressive fish.
Feed frozen small meaty foods or finely chopped prepared foods. Cardinalfish eat small fishes and mobile crustaceans in the wild. If your Cardinalfish appears to not eat, try feeding after the aquarium lights turn off. Many Cardinalfish have nocturnal tendencies and will prefer to be fed after the lights go out in the aquarium.

Pajama Cardinalfish

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