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Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus

The latest product from Reef Factory that makes every marine aquarist's life easier. KH Keeper Plus meet the highest standards for measuring the KH value in Marine Aquariums. 

KH Keeper Plus includes a large labratory grade probe and two quiet stepper motors. It can be controlled via the Reef Factory application which is user friendly.

Measurement Accuracy: 0.01dKH

Readings may take place in daily cycles, every 1-12 hours.

Amazing Precision and Build Simplicity

The KH Keeper measures KH and adjust the liquid dosing process using the included dosing pump. This helps keep KH value at a constant level. 

Innovative Visual Indicator of the current KH Value

The KH Keeper has an external LED signaling system. It utilises colours to determine the KH value. Green means the KH value is in the safe range, Red means out of safe range and Blue means measurement is in progress.

KH Keeper is Wi-Fi ready and includes it's own Wi-Fi module.

KH Keeper Plus

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