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Scientific NameCentropyge loricula 
 Reef CompatibleWith Caution 
 Care LevelBeginner 
 Min. Tank Size30 gallons 
 Mature Size6 inches 



A flashy splash of red color to the home aquarium, the Flame Angelfish is often considered reef safe. Specimens that are purchased as medium individuals readily adapt to a reef aquarium lifestyle. They will adapt to a captive diet quickly which will, most of the time, prevent them from bothering soft and stony corals. Individual specimens that do pick at coral or clam mantles are more often than not under fed or under nourished. It will completely ignore non-sessile invertebrates such as shrimp or crabs. The Flame Angelfish is one of the most popular of all the Centropyge Angelfish with good reason. It is hardy enough for beginners and attractive enough for the seasoned aquarist because of its extremely bright, bold coloration. It is very aggressive towards its own kind but can be added to an established community aquarium as long as it is added close to last. It is not a good candidate for aquariums that do not use live rock for filtration or decoration.

Flame Angelfish

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