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Scientific NameHalichoeres chrysus 
 Reef CompatibleYes 
 Care LevelIntermediate 
 Min. Tank Size50 gallons 
 Mature Size5 inches 
 RangeIndian Ocean, Solomon Islands, Indo-Pacific 



Other Common Names
Yellow Wrasse, Golden Rainbowfish, Golden Wrasse, Canary Wrasse
A moderately sturdy fish, the Yellow ‘Coris’ Wrasse is an unusual colored fish and will spend most of it’s early introduction hiding in sand. Yellow Coris Wrasses are best known for their ability to eat fireworms, flatworms and pyramidillid snails. Yellow Coris Wrasses will tolerate being kept in small groups and can be housed with other docile species of fish like flasher wrasses, Firefish, leopard wrasses and small gobies. They may even clean other fishes. Yellow Coris Wrasses require sand as this is where they sleep and will hide when they are stressed or frightened.
Feed a varied diet consisting of large chunks of meaty foods. These foods include krill, raw table shrimp, squid, clam and mussel.




Wrasses are known to jump from aquariums. Be sure to have some sort of covering with no large open holes that they can escape from. Large specimens are more likely to jump than juveniles.


Canary wrasse

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